School of Biology at RWTH Aachen

Sammelbau Biologie

The School of Biology at RWTH Aachen University is part of the faculty 1 „Mathematics – Computer sciences – Natural sciences“ and consists of seven independent institutes as well as the joint chair of biochemical engineering. The topics represented by the seven institutes reflect whole biology, beginning from classic zoology and botany over environmental sciences to biotechnology.




The main research areas of the institutes cover essential fields of biology. In botany, e.g., molecular genetics has a strong emphasis, the zoological research does substantial work in neurological sciences, and the chair of plant physiology focuses on phyto pathology. Microbiology in Aachen is directed to applied aspects of the physiology and genetics of yeasts, among other to produce biofuels from lignocellulose. At the environmental sciences researchers predominantly investigate anthropogenic contaminations of ecosystems using biological, chemical, ecological and mathematical as well as statistical approaches. In terms of biotechnology the school hosts as much as three thematically different institutes: the technically-oriented biotechnology, the molecular biotechnology in colaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology (IME), and together with the faculty 4 „Mechanical Engineering“ the chair of biochemical engineering.


As different as they are, all institutes follow the central principle at RWTH Aachen University to do interdisciplinary research across faculties, with the aim to discover new ways and develop new technologies which can help with current and future challenges.



These are the institutes at the School of Biology:



Further information are available at the website of the School of Biology.

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