Research at the School of Biology


Research of the different institutes at the School of Biology cover all biological topics, beginning from classic zoology and botany over environmental sciences to biotechnology. Joint issues of the whole school are the energy generation from biomass, (environmental) systems biology as well as neurological biology and bionics.



Each institute has one or more major research interests. Botany has a strong emphasis on  molecular genetics, the zoological research does substantial work in neurological sciences, and the chair of plant physiology focuses on phyto pathology. Microbiology in Aachen is directed to genetics and genesis of endosymbiontic cell organells, and the environmental scientists predominantly investigate anthropogenic contaminations of ecosystems. In terms of biotechnology the school hosts as much as three thematically different institutes: the technically-oriented biotechnology, the molecular biotechnology in colaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology (IME), and together with the faculty 4 „Mechanical Engineering“ the chair of biochemical engineering.


Each institute at the School of Biology follows the central principle at RWTH Aachen University to do research across faculties. As a consequnence, research project are usually based on extensive interdisciplinary colaboration.


Teaching at the School of Biology

Oriented at practical application

In concordance with the research activities, teaching in biology at RWTH Aachen University is practically-oriented. Each area of the studies offers accurately-coordinated combinations of lectures, practicals and seminars. While the lecture gives the fundamental background to a topic, practicals strengthen knowledge and experience, and seminars deepen and broaden the respective subject.


Skill CourseBeside compulsory classes which assure in-depth knowledge transfer of whole biology, students have the possibility to choose from a wealth of optional courses to develop their scientific profile already at an early stage. So called 'skill courses' provide interdisciplinary knowledge and universal skills, and thus further qualify students for their future career. Again, practical experiences and expertise across research fields is emphasized.


As a consequence, besides excellent fundamentals graduates in biology at RWTH Aachen University bring high potentials to analyze problems from different perspectives and thus develop innovative solutions.

Current Studies

An overview of the current courses is available within RWTHonline, which you can access without password, too. The major fields of study are described in the bachelor and master "module handbooks". Detailed information on the different studies can be accessed through the website of the School of Biology and the webpages of the RWTH Aachen University.



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