Welcome to the International Biology Portal of the RWTH Aachen

This website offers information to biology students and lecturers at the RWTH Aachen and its partner universities about the varied possibilites of exchange between the RWTH and universities abroad.


In the section 'News' you will find news from the Department of Biology at the RWTH Aachen as well as up-to-date information about the ERASMUS exchange programme and further university cooperations.


The section 'Outgoings' offers RWTH students and lecturers an overview of foreign partner universities of the RWTH Aachen and gives special information about research and teaching at the biology department of each university. Additionally, RWTH students will find all information they need for an application within the ERASMUS programme. [This section is largely only available in German.]


The section 'Incomings' informs international students and lecturers about research and teaching in the Department of Biology at the RWTH Aachen as well as about offers for study and research projects for international exchange students.



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